About Us

found_petThe leaders of Save This Life are former rescuers who have developed a better way of helping pets find their way home safely using the latest in protective pet identification technology. We created Save This Life as a response to our frustration and disappointment with traditional animal recovery solutions. Our experience in the animal rescue world has given us ideas to advance the standards of protective pet care and technology has given us the opportunity to compliment our ideas.

We have found that microchips have formerly been considered a luxury, not a necessity for companion animals, and we are dedicated to altering this view. Microchips are the longest lasting and most protective form of pet identification and therefore must be an affordable commodity. However, until now, microchip implantation has been too expensive, registration has frequently required payment of a yearly fee and social awareness about the importance of microchips has been low. At Save This Life, our registration is a one time, lifetime, fee and our goal is to spread awareness about the value of companion animal microchips across the nation. We believe we are initiating a societal change in pet protection. It cannot be an option anymore; every companion animal must be microchipped. We have learned from the past and are ready to lead the future of pet protection and recovery.